Digestive Health Restoration Program


Digestive Health Restoration Program


The Health Restoration Digestive Program - Our most common testing. Recommended for those dealing with chronic unresolved health issues and/or symptoms and not knowing where to start. Program consists of:

  • Complete Digestive Evaluation
  • Signs & Symptoms Survey (online), and additional Health History
  • 24 Hour Urinalysis
  • Pelvic Pattern Exam and Lymphatic Exam (local clients only),
  • Nutrition Plan plus Guide
  • SEVEN consult visits (in person or phone) with follow-up phone calls as needed.  

Heidi Gossen is a Trained Lay Counselor. We offer her services for a nominal fee to established clients as an option to improve healing where emotional roadblocks can occur. Call us to schedule these appointments to coincide with your other appointments.

Emotional Coaching with Heidi:
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