Emotional Baggage


Emotional Baggage.... We all have it. Let's talk....


It was a big contributor to the cancer recurrence I had in 2015, I felt that this should be a post of it's own and that it would be important to share some of the process and the measures I took to pull myself together from all of my emotional baggage..

The same day that I was re-diagnosed with cancer, this time stage 4, we lost a year long court case for power of attorney and guardianship of my mom in a twisted emotional battle that left our family torn and in disbelief of what just happened.

The stress of this was not good for my health. My body was stressed, at "dis-ease" and was diseased. And I could feel it. I just couldn't put my pieces together by myself. As a Nurse, it was easy helping others. It was not easy helping myself.

Looking back, I'm thinking that WHILE going through this is WHEN I should have started to pay attention to these healing therapies; not after is was all done.


Here are some of the things I did:



I studied the scriptures related to forgiveness, over and over. For almost anything you are going through, there are promises in the Bible for guidance. I had to keep referring to the forgiveness one because of my situation.   

Ephesians 4:31-32 says 
31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 
32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Reading these verses keep my brain in a good place which is important. My most important scripture that I have been leaning on since 2007 is

Psalm 118:17
17 I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done. 

I truly believed in those scriptures, and they are a great source of comfort for me. I hope maybe you can find some too. 

Another book that was recommended by the Sound Therapist, was "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. I asked my friend Jane if she ever heard of it, and she said she had the entire gift set and just gave it to me... the whole set. Not only is it pretty to look at, which keeps my brain interested, but it was a walk through learning positive self talk and forgiveness and how grudges, and mulling over negative thoughts can cause your health to decline. This book makes a fabulous gift for those dealing with tough times. 


Sound Therapy

One of the doctors I saw for IV's was questioning me and was able to discern that the situation was still a sore spot for me and recommended "sound therapy." Now I needed to put my trust in someone and I was ready to try anything, so I did it. After one session I had already started to understand "separating" yourself from the circumstances. This was a helpful revelation, not always an easy task. I will include a link for the place I went so you will know what to look for or even call them for a practitioner near you. Rediscover Yourself Energy Sound Healing


I truly believed in those, and they are a great source of comfort for me. I hope maybe you can find some too. 


                                                                                              Essential Oils

Shortly after the re-diagnosis, my Dr asked me what made me happy, and I said that my work did. So she told me to keep doing it. I was supposed to attend our yearly convention the next month and didn't know if I should travel. She encouraged me to go. That summer, DoTerra Essential Oil Company came out with their new kit, the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. I scarfed it up and started using them right away. The "Forgiveness" oil was a big one. Then "Peace," then "console" and the others as needed. 

The console was particularly helpful for the grief I was feeling. In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, grief is associated with the lung. The cancer had spread to my lungs. In fact, they were peppered with lesions. I get it now. All organs are connected to emotions.                                                                                  

For example:

Liver = Anger

Spleen = Worry or Over thinking

Heart = Joy

Kidneys = Fear

Lungs = Sadness or Grief

I hope you are seeing the connection now between our emotions and health vs disease. There is so much more to learn about this, so you can read more here: Chinese Medicine Living.



Some people have great results with this but I didn't find it helpful for me this time. I met with a therapist a few times but felt like it was a nice chat. It wasn't as deep as I thought it should be. I was blessed with a few good friends, a husband, children and their spouses who supported me often, so I felt that this psychologist wasn't crucial for me.  Some of you may find someone, a therapist or support person who can help make a breakthrough for you and I'd encourage it!



Music facilitates your own natural immune response. Music improves quality of life, eases pain and anxiety, and calms the mind. Even Harvard Health agrees. 

Those that know me well, know that I love the music of Enya. Doesn't everybody? ;) I did try to expand my horizons with an "Enya" like music station and this one kept coming up so because it's on YouTube for everyone to see, I'll share it. I hope you enjoy it as much as me. If not, there are hundreds of music pieces that you might like on the internet. I subscribe to Spotify so most of my discoveries are from there. 

Here's a music video from Kevin Wood, Harmonic Oasis:


Included in my music suggestions are some guided meditations that I found helpful for listening to while trying to get to sleep. Here are some links:

Cancer Healing Visualization / Guided Meditation   Published on Nov 16, 2013 by Ilona Karow, an Acupuncturist and a Nurse... A visualization for cancer patients at any stage of disease or wellness. Helps activate your Tumor Infiltrating Leukocytes and Natural Killer Cells while protecting your healthy cells. You will visualize that tumor cells will be powerless against your own body's natural healing resources. This visualization is appropriate whether you are about to begin treatment or have completed treatment long ago. 40 minutes long, works even if you fall asleep! Please feel free to share with any cancer patient or survivor who could benefit from a guided meditation.

Cells healing the body - Guided meditation (new) - MindSet Hypnotherapy Published on Jan 2, 2015   This track will help your cells regenerate your body and restore you to optimum health.

In Jesus' Name from Darlene Zschech's #RevealingJesus Project Published on Mar 26, 2013 Darlene Zschech - 'In Jesus' Name' from 'Revealing Jesus' Live Worship Album; I like this one since this song is in reference to Psalm 118:17, the Psalm I started to cling to after my first bout with cancer. It kind of blew me away that she would also have strong feelings about it. 

Hillsong United - "Oceans" (Live at RELEVANT) This one for when you feel like you are in over your head. 



I prefer group exercise because it forces me to try and keep up. That's because most of us are basically lazy and need a little push! I have spurts and periods of not going as I should but right now I like the Pilates Classes, Strength Classes and Yoga. These are all guided classes, which I need. I'm hoping for more consistency now! Plus I know that it's recommended to get 10,000 steps in but that would be boring for me. So I'm a class junkie. 


Enzymes, Adaptogens, Tinctures, and Homeopathic Flower Remedies

The enzymes I get are through Food Enzyme Institute.  I love the SLP Enzyme Blend. It's good to calm the fight or flight syndrome that keeps you awake at night, it calms your nerves, and it helps the adrenals which can wake you up at 3 am.  Many of our enzymes have adaptogens in them to assist with body functions. You must get those through a practitioner like me. You can email me through this site for more info. 

Adaptogens help to correct a function of the body no matter if the function is fast or slow. They help you to adapt. You will see the book I have here in this link. 

Tinctures are made by adding various herbs or adaptogenic herbs (milky oats, lemon balm, ashwagandha, etc.) to alcohol or glycerine, letting it steep for about six weeks, straining it and putting it in a dropper bottle like this. I like using alcohol (vodka) because it preserves it nicely and I don't want my tinctures to mold. See how to make tinctures here. I have and like this book because it has other home remedy recipes along with the tincture recipes. Another supplement is the Flower Remedies, like Rescue Remedy. There have been studies that show their effectiveness as well. 


We all have options to help with our own healing, physical and emotional. Some of these are free, others are a small investment, but hopefully you can find something here in these suggestions that works for you. And I encourage you to do so.

To Your Health,