I sometimes run out of organic veggies for my smoothies so I had this great idea!

I started to save some of my pulp from my juicing and put it into an ice cube tray with a little reverse osmosis water. Then I freeze them and after they are ready I pop them out and put them in a ziplock bag. That way when

I am running low, I can grab a few of my veggiesicles and voila!

It's good to have some greens in your smoothie. At least I think so! Plus I don't like wasting anything from my organic veggies. What I don't use in my ice cube trays goes into my organic garden as compost. I've graduated to huge trays. Then I can use them for summer ice cubes with berries and fruits to liven up your drinks. Or lemon slices in your cubes for lemonade! Have fun!

Try it, you might like it too. It's easy and economical.