NFH's Top 10 Reasons for Magnesium

Update 2/12/17

It was hard to choose just ten reasons, so I would basically recommend looking into taking a magnesium supplement. Magnesium deficiency is becoming more widespread due to our diet and stress levels. It's even been said that the best way to stop a heart attack is with magnesium. So there are many reasons for supplementing with magnesium. Of course one can overdo it. Moderation is always the key.


Magnesium Top 10:

  1. relaxes stressed out muscles, nerves, ligaments, tissues, joints and tendons
  2. fights acidity
  3. neutralizes toxins
  4. laxative
  5. fever reducer / liver coolant
  6. calms temper, irritability, and anxiety by soothing & cooling the brain and nervous system
  7. sleep aid
  8. headache reliever
  9. eases neuralgia pain / spasmodic pain (e.g. PMS)
  10. improves heart function


There are a few ways of getting magnesium:

Magnesium supplements; the easiest is Natural Calm Magnesium. It can be mixed with water, warm or cold,  and gets into your system fast. Many flavors too. I like the packets for easy travel. 


Magnesium Bath Salts; if you like baths, this is one fabulous way to get magnesium absorbed, seeing that the skin is the largest organ. Add some bentonite clay for a little detox, and a little non toxic bubble bath and you're all set for a wonderful spa experience. Plus it'll help you sleep better. And I couldn't help sharing these lavender bath salts here! I can't wait to try these myself!

Magnesium oil; this can be applied to the skin but I find that it is somewhat sticky and can also sting when applying this over just shaved legs! 

Magnesium capsules; we use ZMA Capsules before bed. It also helps to take this before bed to aid sleep. 

Magnesium is such an easy fix for so many things. Try to get some into your daily regimen soon!

To Your Health,