The 10 Most Powerful Healing Herbs

Author: Rachel A. Clarkson

Herbs have been used as sources of medicine for thousands of years. Here are the 10 most powerful and researched healing herbs. These herbs have been tested in clinical studies over and over again with outstanding results; however, the information we give you here is not intended as medical advice; these herbs will by no means replace the treatment indicated by your physician, but merely aid in the improvement of certain conditions.

1. GARLIC This herb contains the perfect properties to prevent heart disease and all problems related to it. If you eat garlic regularly, you are preventing cardiovascular disease, since it increases the high-density lipoproteins and lowers the dangerous low-density lipoproteins and triglycerides. Garlic also helps lower high blood pressure and helps prevent cancer because it increases the level of glutathione transferase, a liver enzyme that detoxifies the body from carcinogens. It has been found that it reduces the risk of gastric cancer, has even improved the condition of AIDS patients, and is known to be antifungal and antiviral, because it works against several microorganisms like bacteria that resist antibiotics.

2. HAWTHORN This shrub’s berries are superb for the heart. These help the heart’s pumping action because they open the coronary arteries to support the heart muscle. Hawthorn can decelerate a rapid heart rate and fortify a weak heart; it lowers high blood pressure and benefits low blood pressure caused by weak heart muscles suffering from arrhythmia. This herb works after continuous use; the effects can be seen after six months or more of regular use.

3. GINKGO BILOBA Ginkgo Biloba benefits vision because it improves the microcirculation to the eyes. There are almost 300 scientific studies that show that standardized ginkgo extract prevents and improves conditions like vertigo, tinnitus, inner ear problems, memory harm, concentration problems, anxiety, neurological and circulatory disorders, depression, senility, and edema and Raynaud’s disease. This herb improves the quality and quantity of capillary circulation, increasing, in this way, the blood flow to the brain, heart, and organ and gland’s tissues.

4. EPHEDRA This is used for colds, as a decongestant. It is a top bronchial dilator, thus, it helps people who suffer from asthma by opening the sinus passages, and possesses an antihistamine effect that helps in cases of chronic and severe allergies. Ephedra also works as a circulation stimulant for blood pressure and heart function; it raises blood pressure. Its main ingredient is ephedrine, which increases the adrenaline secretion in our organism. It stimulates certain glands, muscles and tissues, and holds back others, thus, it can cause chronic stress and degenerative disease if used in excess. The effects of this herb stay in the body for a long time, even after the herb disappears, thus, it should not be used in combination with heart, lung, or antidepressant medication.

5. LICORICE This is a soothing, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing herb that has been found to have antiviral properties and to help with gastrointestinal ulceration by smoothing the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract on contact. It increases bile secretion, and is recommended for any type of gastrointestinal ulcer. Licorice root is good for chronic cough and bronchitis, and, in small quantities, it reduces sugar cravings. Japanese research has shown it decreases high testosterone levels in women with ovarian cysts and increases their fertility.

6. BILBERRY It is a strong antioxidant that enhances the circulatory system, eyes, heart, and brain, and, in general, improves overall health. It contains a flavonoid called anthocyanosides that increases the flexibility of the capillaries and blood flow. It can enlarge the range of vision, improves sharpness of images, the ability to focus, blurred vision, eyestrain and nearsightedness. It strengthens the coronary arteries and helps prevent atherosclerosis and venous insufficiency.

7. ECHINACEA This herb supports the immune system by increasing two of its main components that consume and eliminate invading organisms and foreign particles. It activates white blood cells and stimulates the regeneration of cellular connective tissue and epidermis. It is key to fight infection because it neutralizes a harmful enzyme related to the infection process.

8. MILK THISTLE This is considered the best herb for liver cleansing, regeneration, and protection, and is one of the most necessary herbs for these times. The amount of toxins from chemical pollutants, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and radiation, have growing side effects that must be tackled, and milk thistle regenerates, regulates, and strengthens the liver’s functions. It stimulates the body to produce superoxide dismutase, one of the two main antioxidants the body produces.

9. ASTRAGALUS This is a prime immune booster. It increases the efficiency of the immune system by increasing the immune activity. It also helps strengthen digestion, raise metabolism, and promotes wound healing. It can treat chronic lung weakness, shortness of breath, low energy, prolapse of internal organs, spontaneous sweating, chronic lesions, and deficiency edema.

10. GINSENG A top detox cleanser, it boosts memory and learning by improving circulation. Reduces cholesterol and protects the liver from toxins. It also strengthens the lungs, nourishes body fluids, and calms the spirit. Ginseng promotes longevity and increases resistance to disease.

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George DeJohn is the author of “3 Minutes to a Strong Mind and a Fit Body” and the creator of the 21-Day Full Body Cleanse system. George is the author of a very successful blog on healthy living, weight loss and stress elimination: