Herings Law of Cure

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Healing is a perplexing phenomenon. Why do some heal so quickly while you limp along hoping relief is in sight soon?

Believe it or not, this "orderly" method of healing according to Constantine Hering, MD (1800-1880), has been around for a long time. What is it exactly, and why do we care?
Hering's Law states that healing takes place in an organized way, with symptoms also resolving in a corresponding manner.

Hering's Law of cure is the basis of all healing.

The phenomena is described like this: "All cure comes from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared in the body."

This gives all new fresh meaning to the term "it's all in your head!"

Applying Dr Hering's principles, when healing begins, First it starts with the deepest structures of your body and your mental thoughts or emotions, and progresses to the outer layers such as the skin.

Second, symptoms can appear & disappear the exact opposite of when they first appeared. So that annoying rash you were trying to get rid of would probably rear it's ugly head again right before you get well. You could even experience symptoms from previous illnesses. I have seen some of this happen, especially when someone does a detox or a cleanse. It's really tempting to give up, but DON'T! I know, I know, no one likes to be rashy & pocky!

Third, healing goes from top to bottom, like from your head down towards your fingers. So you could get rid of your neck pain, but now have pain in the finger joints. Fun, huh? Suppressing symptoms is not a good idea, since those toxins are not removed as they should be, and those coughs & sneezes you masked  last time may crop up again. 

Fourth, like you really want to hear this, but your individual symptoms could get worse before better. You can have an overall general feeling of being better if it weren't for the irritating symptoms left over, but the body needs to complete it's job. Kind of like spring cleaning your house, it usually gets messiest right before it's clean.

Now, if you can get through all of this, you should come out sparkling and raring to go. My advice? Give your body nutrients to build and support your immunity, not just suppress the symptoms. You will be going against the "traditional" flow of today's approach, but you're an adult. You can do it.

To Your Health,

~ Sue, R.N., CNHP ~