Help Protect Our Food Supply

We cannot survive for long eating food that has been irradiated. As of December 31st of this year, the US will be forced to comply with the provisions of what is called the "Codex Alimentarius." The treaty says we have to follow the Codex.

The Codex says all foods...including organically grown foods...must be irradiated. The WTO has strong talons to enforce this law.

Just as Pasteurization kills nutrients and enzymes in food products, irradiation is just as detrimental not only to food, but in the end, our bodies. It is the high heat denaturing of milk that can play a major role in the seemingly growing number of dairy and milk intolerance. Food requires enzymes to be digested. No enzymes, no digestion. Why is it that in days of raw milk, there were less allergies?

Food irradiation has similar drawbacks. Just the name "radiation" speaks of "killing," and radiation knows no boundaries just like in cancer treatment in killing the good with the bad. In a report by Samuel S. Epstein and Wenonah Hauter, it says that "Food irradiation results in major micronutrient losses, particularly vitamins A, C, E, and the B complex.  As admitted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Agriculture Research Service (ARS), these losses are synergistically increased by cooking, resulting in “empty calorie” food" (1)

If we allow this to proceed, we will all have to grow our own untainted organic food, or become a "failure to thrive" nation.

Please sign the petition to prevent this here> Citizen's Petition>

If you need a clearer understanding of this, please see video below. Part 1 may be enough to explain all of this, but if not, there are 5 parts>