Chronic Pancreatitis And Alternative Therapy


Author: Felix Melamed, LAc, MSTCM, CHt

Chronic pancreatitis means persistent inflammation and swelling of the pancreas an elongated, tapered gland that is located behind the stomach. Pancreas secretes digestive juice into the small intestine and the hormones insulin and glucagon into the blood. Digestive enzymes help to break food down into its smallest units - amino acids, carbohydrates, and fatty acids and to release the vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients from the food. Hormones such as insulin and glucagon regulate the metabolism of glucose.

Pancreatitis begins when the digestive enzymes become active inside the pancreas and start "digesting" it. Chronic pancreatitis often leads to scarring and loss of function of pancreas.

Symptoms of pancreatitis generally fall into three categories:

One is persistent severe pain in upper stomach area.

Second, the cells of pancreas that secrete the digestive enzymes are slowly destroyed. It leads to pancreatic deficiency with weight loss and producing bulky, greasy, foul-smelling stools with oil droplets. Malfunction of pancreas and pancreatic insufficiency can cause deficiency of vital minerals, microelements, vitamins and bicarbonates. Repetitive courses of antibiotics usually cause severe disbacteriosis with Candida-yeast overgrow, increasing of inner toxicity and weakness of immune system.

Third, in chronic pancreatitis, permanent damage occurs to the pancreas and its function, leading to diabetes.

Chronic pancreatitis is condition that is very difficult to treat only by conventional medicine.

Alternative medicine offers for people with chronic pancreatitis many non drug approaches such as:

  • Diet and healing foods
  • Drinking Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water made from the Genuine Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring Salt
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Point Massage
  • Chiropractic manipulations
  • Relaxation techniques, Hypnosis, self hypnosis by using CD at home
  • Colon Hydrotherapy with restoration of friendly intestinal flora
  • Anti Candida program and so on.

Many of these modalities could be safe and effective combine with medications, surgeries, endoscopic techniques, physical therapies, etc. Today different medical practitioners looking at the same underlying illness such as chronic pancreatitis might make different point of view on cause, development and possible treatment of this disease according to their own specialty. This sounds a lot like the blind men who, on first meet an elephant, speak out it to be like a snake or a tree depending on whether they are touching the elephant's trunk or its leg. No questions, alternative therapy can improve the quality of life and life span of sufferers of chronic pancreatitis.

The possible goals of the treatment of chronic pancreatitis are to:

  • Restoration of digestion and absorption
  • Alleviation of abdominal pain
  • Reduce ductal pressures
  • Decrease inflammation and swelling of the pancreas
  • Restore minerals, microelements, vitamins and bicarbonate deficiencies
  • Restore body's and tissue pH
  • Restore the proper producing and elimination of bile and pancreatic juice
  • Treatment of diabetes (if present)
  • Treatment of alcohol, tobacco smoking and chemical dependency (if present), etc.

Successful treatment of chronic pancreatitis requires a team approach and practitioners of alternative medicine can be very good players in this process.

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Felix Melamed, LAc, MSTCM, CHt received a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from Notre Dame de Namur University before pursing a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture & Health Sciences Medicine in Oakland, CA. Mr. Felix Melamed is the author of a book “Natural European Way of Whole Body Cleansing” and many articles on diagnosis and treatment in Holistic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is currently in a private practice as an Executive Director of Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic in San Francisco , California specializing in acupuncture, herbal medicine, clinical hypnosis, healing mineral water and detoxification modalities. Information is available on his web site