The Difference Between Juice Fasting and Juice Detox

Author: Leroy Fong

A juice detox is very similar to a juice fast with one essential difference. You continue to eat certain foods while you drink your juices. Many of you may be thinking that this therefore constitutes a normal detox diet but it doesn’t – the majority of what you ingest over the specified timeframe is simply fruit and vegetable juice but occasionally, generally towards the end of the detox, small amounts of food are also allowed.

This type of detox is great for those of you who are trying detox for the first time. A juice detox offers all the benefits of a juice fast i.e. it quickly eliminates toxins from the body and gives a great feeling of well being, but it is made that little bit easier because of the food allowance.

Basically many juice detox programmes consist of a semi-fast which is based on a fruit and vegetable juice fast with whole fruit, raw vegetables and a few nutritional supplements thrown in as well.

A good example of a juice detox is as follows:

  • Day 1 – drink freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice every four hours. If you feel thirsty in between juice drinks you can have filtered water or herbal tea as an extra drink.
  • Day 2 – as day one but you can add up to 1lb of grapes and three bananas.
  • Day 3 – as day two plus a serving of raw vegetables and another fruit choice.
  • Day 4 to 7 – as day three plus a mixture of whole grain cereals, beans, nuts and seeds. This is essentially a detox diet based around juice.

Alternatively, you may want to drink your fruit juices throughout the day and have a bowl of clear vegetable broth in the evening. The length of time you remain on the juice detox is entirely up to you however it is not advisable to continue for more than a week or two at most.

A juice detox is a great way to start off your detoxing career or for those of you who are veterans of the diets then this is a fantastic little fill in between those 30 day fasts. Either way the benefits will be felt within days of your first juice drink and they will continue to be felt for months after you finish.

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