A Diet That Can Cure Cancer

Author: Alan Wighton

Most people believe that there maybe a connection between our diet and cancer, but know little more than that. It’s true; there is a connection, a very big connection. A hundred years ago when cancer was almost unheard of, we were all eating food that was freshly grown or was grown in our own gardens. Today, nearly all of our food is in supermarkets and has been processed and interfered with by man.

The food we put into our body is the foundation of our health and it is well known that the nutritional quality of the food we consume is related to our state of health. Even “Hippocrates,” the father of our medicine stated in one of his oaths, “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

 People a hundred years ago were actually healthier than modern man living in western societies. A new study says excessive levels of cholesterol, heart disease and cancer were non existent then and that these health problems are a direct result of too much of the wrong food we eat and our lack of exercise. Their average lifespan may have been lower than ours today, but that was because of diseases, infections and child mortality problems which we have mostly sorted out.

 How is all this related to cancer? Cancer is simply a disease of the immune system or more correctly a disease of a weak immune system which because it has been weakened through the way we live, especially with the wrong foods that we eat, allows cancer cells to become established. The obvious way and the safest way to become cancer free once its established is to boost the immune system and the only way to do that is eat the food that has been designed for human beings. That is, live as Mother Nature has intended us to live.

 When man processes food and to help it sell, he know that we all have a craving for 3 things, fat, salt or refined sugar. Those 3 items are found in nearly all processed food and are all known contributors to cancer. Also, all processed foods are old food, (nutritional dead food) compared to fresh produce.

 It’s only very recently that we have seen research into food and how it is related to cancer. Phytonutrients, also called phytochemicals have been discovered in many fruit and vegetables, and these compounds have been found to have an amazing ability to stop cancer and to especially fight cancer once it’s established. A few examples are:

  • Tomatoes contain a photo nutrient called lycopene and are the compound responsible for its bright red colour and its anti cancer potential. It has been beneficial to both prostrate and breast cancer patients.

  • Cruciferous vegetables in which broccoli is one of them, all contain important anti cancer compounds and research has found overwhelming evidence to support this.

  • Red grapes have a powerful photo nutrient called resveratrol which also have anti cancer properties.

  • Apples have been found to inhibit the growths in colon cancer by 43%. They contain a photo nutrient which was found only in the skin of the apple.

 Why haven’t we been told about the cancer fighting ability of our natural food? The answer is very simple, food is a natural product and no one can control the price of it and make enormous profits, where as drugs to treat cancer are synthesised or artificial and can be patented and the price can then be controlled by the manufacture themselves. Conventional cancer treatments today using these drugs represent a multi billion dollar a year industry. These vast profits are fiercely protected by these industry giants.


So to the diet that can cure cancer, and it has to revolve around freshly grown food, organic if possible.

  • The natural food for breakfast is fresh fruit and plenty of it. If you need to snack through the morning eat more fruit.

  • A healthy choice for lunch is a plate of fresh salad items and there are lots to choose from. Onions should be part of it.

  • A couple of choices for tea can be a soup using fresh vegetables or pumpkin or maybe lightly steaming some vegetables with a baked potato.

 Diets similar to this are nothing new as Dr Gerson was curing cancer patients back in the 1950s in America with foods such as these but he used the food in juice form so as to flood the body with nutrients. He cured thousands of patients, many of them terminal and there are countless testimonials from his cured patients.


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/cancer-articles/a-diet-that-can-cure-cancer-717960.html

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Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, having spent many years gaining knowledge, especially on the subject of cancer. If you’ve found this article helpful and want to learn more, go to my website where there's a free download of facts and information that can help people overcome their struggle with cancer.