Zinc For A Healthy Prostate

By Heartland's Natural Solutions

A healthy prostate gland has up to TEN TIMES the zinc of any other organ in the body. It is essential to healthy prostate functioning and critical to testosterone synthesis and sperm formation. Research published in The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry indicates that zinc helps prevent the hormonal action that causes prostate enlargement. In addition to helping reduce prostate enlargement in men, zinc has shown promise in the treatment of male infertility.


Considered an essential trace element in the body, zinc is involved in cell division and differentiation among many other biological functions. This goes hand-in-hand with progesterone, which tells the cells to “slow-down, differentiate, become what you are supposed to become” versus EXCESS estrogen, which tells the cells to “hurry up, grow quickly”, hindering normal cell development and contributing to cancer. The prostate in the male fetus is created by the same cells that become the uterus in the female baby. Just like a hormonal imbalance in the form of estrogen dominance leads to uterine cancer, it is also a key factor in prostate cancer. Excess estrogen comes from many sources: petrochemicals (pesticides, plastics, commercial fragrances/air fresheners, solvents, candles, fabric softeners, household cleaners), hormone-injected chicken, beef, milk, eggs, foods with pesticides (especially coffee, beef, milk), and excess body fat.


Zinc can be found in many good foods: seeds, nuts, whole grains, meat, eggs, brown rice and berries. You can also get zinc in Heartland’s Spray Nutrition products, especially in our Re-Live Again anti-aging formula. In addition to prostate care, zinc is well known for its antibacterial properties. It can even help kill organisms that contribute to urinary tract infections. Besides fighting against infections and heavy metals, zinc also helps repair wounds, maintain normal sexual function and protect against deteriorating vision associated with age-related macular degeneration.


For the prostate to use zinc more efficiently, it is important to take it in conjunction with pyridoxine (B6). Vitamin B6 also helps the prostate as it inhibits prolactin, which can contribute to tumor formation in men over age 40. B6 is found in whole-grain cereals, liver, poultry, fish, meat, eggs, most vegetables, and sunflower seeds. Remember pesticide and hormone-loaded chicken, meat and eggs also contribute greatly to estrogen dominance, which hinders prostate health. Choose hormone-free and organic products where possible.


Eliminating zinc deficiencies, along with balancing estrogen dominance through normal physiological doses of natural progesterone, are both important for more than 50% of men over age 40 dealing with prostate enlargement and higher risks of prostate cancer. Heartland Natural Progesterone Cream can be applied directly to genital areas, and users report success for reduction of prostate inflammation. Consult your naturopath, chiropractor or medical doctor knowledgeable in natural hormone balancing techniques.