Raw Organic Honey

Sweet tooth? 

Try raw organic honey .  It may be just what you're looking for. 

According to www.NutritionData.com , (see link below) the glycemic index of 55 (55 & under is considered low) and the glycemic load is only 9 (less than 10 is considered low). In comparison, potato chips have a glycemic index of 54, but a glycemic load of 30. The glycemic index tells you how fast a carbohydrate turns into sugar. The glycemic load is more complete in that it also takes into account  how much of the carb is in a serving.

It aids digestion, & is recommended by some gastroenterologists for hyperacidity, ulcers and gall bladder diseases. It has even shown to have some antitumor activities in one study (Vopr Onkol.1990)- PubMed.

Raw honey is considered a superfood since it has naturally occurring beneficial nutrients. It is exceptionally high in enzymes which are needed for digestion & breakdown of food.

If you aren't a honey lover, you could try organic agave nectar (great in smoothies), or the herbal sweetener stevia.