Curb Your Cravings

By Suzan T. Macco, R.N. 


Use the benefits of the Glycemic Index (a rating of foods according to how much it spikes your blood sugar) to help conquer your cravings for high carbohydrate foods once and for all. The higher your blood sugar rises, the worse it falls after your insulin is called on to handle the sugar load. As a result, you crave more sugars or carbohydrates by rebound. You can help that cycle to finally be broken.  I take a closer look at Usana's  Reset Kit & low glycemic nutritionals. People report losing between 4-5.5  lbs the first week. This kit includes 5 days worth of nutritional shakes, bars, & supplements.  All you need to add are your fruits, vegetables, & your water or other preferred beverages.  

What is in the Reset Kit?

  • 15 single serve Nutrimeal pouches (your choice of all vanilla, or variety of Dutch Chocolate, Wild Strawberry, & French Vanilla)
  • 5 Peanut Butter Bars
  • 5 Iced Lemon Bars
  • 5   AM/PM vitamin & mineral packets
  • Program Guide

These Nutrimeal Shakes taste great, so I think you will actually enjoy  them.  To break your carb craving, you need to have 3 shakes, one peanut butter bar, one iced lemon bar, & your pack of AM & PM vitamins  each day. Add a couple of fruits & vegetables with it each day & you're all set. Your whole meal plan for 5 days.

This gives you all of your needed fiber each day which is a plus! The fiber helps control your blood sugar,  makes you feel full longer, & keeps you regular!

These kits cost  $99.95 +tx & ship. If you have the need to lose a few more lbs, you can continue the program in part or in total, & get the 4-pack for $329.00 +tx & ship. (for a savings of $70.00) These prices are the "autoship" prices. Autoship orders can be changed every month online or by phone, so you can vary the products & get only what you need. Autoship is the best pricing available.