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  • Antioxidants, & which ones naturally benefit certain diseases. A well rounded pharmaceutical grade multivitamin is necessary to start with. I personally use Usana Essentials. They are high quality, balanced, & supremely bioavailable, & one of the few nutritional supplements listed in the Physicians Desk Reference.


  • Health Assessments: for a quick, free & confidential way to determine what antioxidants you should be taking, go here> for information on how to improve your health.


  • Progesterone cream & it's benefits. If you have PMS, fibroids, irregular periods, menopausal discomfort like hot flashes, irritability, migraines (the reason I started using it), osteoporosis, (get OFF that fosamax, Boniva, etc fast! They can eat a hole in your esophagus!), or if you have other symptoms, progesterone cream will probably help you.  Many women are using it now & don't ever want to be without it. The following is one great testimony!


                  Improving Bone Density with Mini-Trampolines 

                  What Dr. Lee Told One Woman
                  By Mrs. John Lee


  • Fiber & its benefits of aiding in: weight loss, blood sugar control, cholesterol regulation, which also leads me to:


  • Cholesterol- lowering statin drugs, which can be detrimental to your health. Talk to your Dr. about nutritional therapy to lower your cholesterol naturally. If you are on them, you absolutely need to take CoQ10. Statins deplete your stores of CoQ10, & every single cell in your body requires it to live. We produce less & less of it as we age,  so even without the statin drugs we should be supplementing it.

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The Cholesterol Conspiracy 2nd Edition
Price: $7.95 

Cholesterol Conspiracy In the second edition of his popular book, The Cholesterol Conspiracy, Dr. Ladd McNamara continues to explore enduring myths behind cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. Touted as the best treatment for high cholesterol, Dr. McNamara sheds light on the adverse effects these drugs have on the body and what the pharmaceutical industry still isn’t telling you about reducing the risk of heart disease. Dr. McNamara updates research finding that indicate proper nutritional supplementation as a much safer alternative to statin drugs.