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Please browse through the various products available and recommended reading. My goal is to provide you with resources to help you make wise decisions (informed choices) about your health: using natural antioxidants which have been shown by many studies to help maintain good health, or using them to improve your health.

My recommendations have became solidified after hours of research on Dr. Myron Wentz, my attendance at lectures given by experts such as Dr. Ray Strand, Dr. Miguel Lanzagorta, & others. They all support the theory of Oxidative Stress from free radicals, the same process that makes a cut apple to turn brown, as the beginning stimulus of disease & the aging process.

My links page is a treasure chest of information including web sites of these accomplished men, & more. So don't take my word for it! I've started the research for you & am including some here in my site. I hope that it more than meets your needs. I also hope it encourages & empowers you to challenge your Health Care Provider to help you with coordinating Nutritional Therapy with Traditional Therapy.

I recommend using Usana products with confidence, and know that you are getting the best on the market. For more specific information on Nutritionals>

May God bless you with good health & the desire to seek out, understand, and apply this information to your life!

- Sue, R.N.

Psalm 103:2,3 Bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases.