Introduction of Curamin Supplementation Intervening with Rehabilitation Measures;

(Flexibility, Manual Therapy, Corrective Exercise & Nutrition)


As a manual practitioner for over fifteen years, studying in Europe and the US in search of the most efficient and effective ways to help people overcome and or avoid painful musculoskeletal pain. Recently introducing a product to many of the employees of the company’s I work for as a pain and injury consultant, coupled with hands on treatment and education has proven to be exceptionally effective in reducing the time under care by an average of 50%.

This product is Curamin, a blend of five naturally occurring compounds whose ability to shut down the inflammatory process matches or supercedes that of the OTC drugs or common prescriptions used for anti-inflammation. I have been recommending this product for 12-months based on the safety and the overall outcomes being seen case to case. As a practitioner, I do not have to worry about the side effects of the OTC’s or commonly prescribed medications. The only thing we practitioner’s have to fear is that the patient gets better so quickly they have no need for our services. See testimonial...

Using the broad based socioeconomics of painful conditions on working environments like manufacturing, warehousing, printers, etc. there are two causes for the rising costs of insurance, absenteeism, and increased MOD ratings sustained by the companies as a whole. Within the spirit of injury or pain, there is a catalyst for the inflammatory process (an injury, repetitive motions, heavy lifting, metabolic diseases – diabetes, sitting behind a desk, etc.). There are also factors that fuel the inflammation/pain (compensation, emotional factors, prescribed medications, improper therapies, off work depression, etc). Understanding this gives us a base line for the sufferers of pain. As a musculoskeletal expert, my job is to restore function via the biopsychosocial model of care that deals with how pain affects actual body mechanics, emotion, movement and desire to recover.

Using Curamin, I can expedite this care by an average of 50%. (It has been my experience over the last year using Curamin as a part of my treatment plans for employees versus plans that do not use Curamin. Astoundingly, the majority of patients using the product do not miss work at all as we manage the issues on-site during their work day.)

Acting as an on-site (in company) Pain and Injury Solutions consultant Curamin has become a reliable weapon in my fight to reduce insurance claims, worker’s compensation prevalence, absenteeism and lack of overall productivity.

Written by Vincent R. Catteruccia, MSc, FAAPM, NASM-PES, NMT

Integrated Rehabilitation Consulting Services LLC  copyright  Oct 2007