Sue's passion has always been caring for the well being of others. She has been a Registered Nurse for over 37 years, specializing in Pediatric Orthopedics, Cardiac-Thoracic-Neuro Surgery, Neonatal ICU, & Hemodialysis. She retired from Hospital work in April of 2004 to concentrate on assisting individuals with a wide array of health care and nutritional needs.

Some areas she assists in are women's health, general nutrition, and now concentrates on disease prevention wellness, including bioidentical hormones, hormone testing, neurotransmitter testing, enzyme therapy and testing, vitamin/mineral requirements, alternatives to drug therapy, & healthy physical and emotional lifestyle and more.

After her diagnosis of Breast Cancer in April 2007, her determination to learn, find and receive holistic cancer treatment, termed "Functional Medicine" led to the passion of sharing that knowledge & information with others facing similar health crises.  Sue chose to receive her care at Sanoviv Medical Center, a Holistic Center that focuses on the cause of disease, and using Functional Medicine of the highest quality. Sanoviv is located in Rosarito Mx.

Besides numerous therapies to improve the immune system, for example high dose Vitamin C/ Alpha Lipoic Acid/ Glutathione therapy, and methods to detoxify the body of chemicals, including removal of mercury fillings, she had a lumpectomy, with removal of 12 lymph nodes. She took Laetrile & daily injections of Mistletoe Extract. Besides learning a world of education from Sanoviv, Sue was sent home with tools to self-administer weekly IM injections of Thymoject immune booster, and Subcutaneous Mistletoe injections for the next six months. A few months later, her Pet Scan & Tumor Marker Studies in the U.S. were completely normal.

In 2015, Sue had an unfortunate recurrence of breast cancer, this time stage 4. She overcame that through natural remedies and acquiesced to using anastrozole for the 98% Estrogen dependent nature of the cancer. Within four months the cancer was almost completely gone per PET Scan. You can find the update here

In Oct. of 2009, Sue became a Certified Natural Health Professional, and in 2011 became Certified as a Digestive Health Specialist through the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition, and is also a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. Sue has a private practice in Green Bay, WI., but has the privilege of having and serving clients in areas of  Boston, California, Texas, Minnesota, West Virginia, Idaho, and the Western portion and Fox Valley area of WI. She maintains her current WI Nursing Licensure. We welcome you to contact us about cancer-fighting supplements used in Sue's treatment.

Sue and her husband of almost 38 years, John, live in the Green Bay area. She has two sons & two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren.

I dedicate this site to the brave ones who refuse to accept the status quo, and show their courage to never give up hope in their incredible battle to fight cancer,  which unfortunately needs to be experienced to appreciate. God bless you...

~ Sue ~